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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Labyrinthitis (part 2)

You'll see from last week's post that the dizziness and nausea hit me real hard again. I was back to see the doctor yesterday as things have really gone downhill - it's as if the whole saga has started over again from square one. So disappointing, when it felt as if I was on the mend.

I have read that the symptoms can come back, so much so, they recommend you don't resume driving for at least 7 days after all symptoms have gone. Whilst I was getting better, I certainly wasn't clear for 7 days, so it appears to be back.

It took 5 weeks before I felt an improvement last time, so I'm guessing it will be another 5 weeks before I start to get back to normal. That's another 5 weeks of not driving, not drinking, and generally feeling dizzy.

The brewing has therefore been put on the backburner for now. If I'm not drinking it, there's no point brewing, so I'll be blogging mainly about the allotment for now. I do find the wide open space and fresh air help considerably, so I'll be up there as much as possible.

The doctor has referred me to the ear/nose/throat department for a second opinion on the Labyrinthitis, just to make sure. I did ask if there was any chance it was something more sinister like a tumor, to which he replied 'I'd be surprised if it was', which was nice to hear.

Anyhow, I have work to get on with today, so I best get on.



  1. How wierd - I have never heard of that disease before today. Some chap at our allotment site walked by, I asked him how he was, and he told me he had labyrinthitis! Then I come to your blog for the 1st time and see the same disease mentioned (sorry if it's a condition and not a disease) Anyway loving your blog, will put a link to mine.

  2. Sorry to hear that the condition has returned. On the bright side, you'll have the best looking plot on the site with all the time you're going to be spending down there.

  3. Hope you feel better soon.