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Tuesday, 16 March 2010


In an earlier post I mentioned the problems I've had getting Butternut Squash to ripen in our short summers. I had no problem with other varieties last year, so I'm going to have another crack with the butternuts this season.

I'm doing the variety I've tried before 'Waltham', along with an F1 variety 'Hawk' and I'll be interested to see how the two compare throughout the growing season.

The lovely weather has tempted me to sow them earlier than usual too. I don't have the benefit of a greenhouse to protect them during the period after germination and prior to planting out, so the windowsill will do for now and hopefully the good weather will continue when they need to be outside. Last year I delayed sowing until 10th April, so I'm a good 3 weeks ahead.

I always sow them individually in big pots - they will stay in these until being transplanted outside. To help with germination, I put a plastic freezer bag over the pots to help maintain warmth and moisture/humidity. I remove these once the seedlings have opend their first two leaves.

I didn't think I'd get chance to post today, so it's nice to have found the time.


  1. I think you've done the right thing sowing them earlier. It will give them a little extra time to ripen. I haven't grown squash before, but I've got a few different varieties to try this year, including Turks Turban which I think looks really colourful. I just hope it tastes as good.

  2. The downside to sowing earlier is that once they've outgrown the windowsill, they will have to be outside, unprotected. I'm just worried a late frost might cut them down. Fingers crossed!

    Good luck with yours.

  3. I've had some success with Trombone Squash - not dis-similar to butternut but with a slightly nuttier flavour. Yum.