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Friday, 28 May 2010

First Harvest

I don't grow rhubarb (although I may get some crowns for next year), so my first harvest of 2010 are my pickling onions.

I picked up the seed in France last summer, but can't remember exactly when I sowed them. I guess it would be either late August or early Spetember. I thinned them out in November and left them to over winter, before transplanting to their final positions in February.

To be honest, they've got a bit bigger than I was hoping for (last week's hot spell was to blame). They must have come on a bundle while I was busy at home sorting out that garage floor. Anyhow, I've soaked them in brine and I'll get them in the vinegar later today...

I guess many of you will be busy at the plot this weekend. I have a beer festival to attend on Saturday and will be working on Sunday/Monday, so I wont be able to get anything more done until later next week.


  1. I love pickled onions. No plotting here today, the weather is awful.

  2. Oooh proper pickling onions! I wondered about those... Last year I grew shallots and pickled them while wondering where people got 'mini' onions for picking from... I guess I'll have to try and find some seeds for later this year like you did then... :)