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Sunday, 16 May 2010


Everything, including the British weather. It's pants.

We're in the middle of May and it's still cold. Really cold.

Some of my potatoes have been hit by the frost, my early sowings of squash and courgettes look a bit bedraggled and my cucumbers have died.

I say cucumbers in the plural, but that may not be entirely correct. One is dead and I'm not sure about the other - I seem to have got them mixed up with the courgettes and I failed to label them, so they all look the same.

Work's been really busy for me this last couple of weeks but I did manage to get a quick visit to the allotment in and found that the Marsh marigold beside the pond had decided to flower. Probably the least productive plant on the plot, but at least it's added some colour.

Oh, and continuing the theme of bad news, somethings dug up my carrots too. Rabbits I'm assuming. My beetroot are also in danger - not from animals, but from some bl***dy potaotes I must have missed in the bed from last year. The tiny beetroot seedlings are now being pushed out by these rogue monstrosities as they power their way upwards.

So there you have it. Life is offically pants. And if you still don't believe me, it's just started to rain.


  1. Oh no. It seems that lots of people have been caught out by the frost this year. I'm quite pleased that I'm running a little behind now, and that there isn't much planted out, I think it's been my saving grace. It's not too late to sow some more cucumbers. My marsh marigold is in flower at the moment too, they're such a vibrant yellow.

  2. At least the weather is warming up a bit now. I've sowed some more cucumbers and courgettes to replace those that are looking a bit sad.