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Friday, 20 August 2010

In Antcipation Of Brewing

It's been a while. Holidays you see. But I'm back, back and eager to brew. Eager like never before.

My new equipment has been collecting dust while I've been away, so I dusted it down and thought I'd better get prepared for brew #1.

Work prevents me from diving straight in, but there's a few things to get sorted beforehand, anyhow.

Conveniently, the other half disappeared for a couple of days, so after work I had the opportunity to crack on. I filled the HLT with water, heated it a bit to check the element was working, played with valves and pumps to get the liquor circulating in the system, and checked the element in the copper was working also.

I worked out a crude form of calibration on the sight tube on the HLT, so I know the relevant volumes and did something similar in the copper so I know how much wort is being collected.

Those that don't brew probably wouldn't believe how much anticipation all this playing creates. Me, I couldn't believe how much water ended up on the floor.

But nothing was an issue and even the tatty old cd player that was destined for the dump managed to spark into life. The garage was somehow magical; there was no one to interrupt me, tunes from AC/DC, Van Halen and the like, filled my world as I twisted valves and drank beer. I even ate my curry in the garage that evening.

Like a churlish schoolboy hiding in his den with ill-gotten gains, it felt good. The sort of feeling you get when you know what you're doing is wrong, but you're actually loving every second.


  1. Am always anticipating brewing, except when I'm actually brewing. Am envious of the kit tho, one day I hope to have a full stainless steel plant. No more plastic.

  2. Cheers Rob. I got lucky with the new kit - finding a stainless steel fabricator just down the road from me, run by a guy who brews his own beer. Perfect. I'll be doing brew #1 with it next wednesday.