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Friday, 21 January 2011

It's Friday - Make Mine A Fuller's

I've finally got around to sorting out the pump on the new brewery. I spent this morning trying to reassemble everything, but it took a bit longer than planned, 1) because I'm a muppet when it come to this sort of thing, and 2) because despite being careful, undoing everything slowly and keeping a note as to the order of all the parts, none of it matters when you're kack-handed and knock everything on the floor.

But it's finally back together - I'm just hoping everything is back as it should be. I've poured some water into the ports, and the body no longer leaks. Whether the pump actually works is another matter though. I'm too scared to try it. I think I'll wait for a warmer spell before reconnecting to the brewery and having a brew.
As a reward I'm going to dip into some Fuller's ale tonight. A friend of mine works at the Chiswick brewery and he gave me a nice selection of bottled beers at Christmas. I'll likely start with a couple of home-brews, before indulging in the bottle conditioned Bengal Lancer IPA, followed by the Golden Pride.
I've not had either before. I'm particularly looking forward to the Golden Pride, weighing in at a lofty 8.5%. I remember this being on the menu at the White Horse in Parsons Green when I went up for the Winter Ale Festival, but I wasn't at my best health-wise, so never got to try. We'll remedy that tonight.


  1. the Pride is really good indeed.

  2. My favourite beer ever has definately got to be Station Porter...mmmm...that beer just tastes of cold days sat by the fire! Also, going to have to make some scotch eggs today after your last post!

  3. @arn The Pride was good. Very good :)

    @Philippa I'm not usually a porter type of guy, but I've had Station Porter a few times and agree, it's very good. I'd love to try and replicate it at home, but unlike some breweries, Wickwar play their cards very close to their chest and don't give anything away in terms of malts and hops used :(