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Friday, 11 February 2011

Black Friday

Right, I’m outa here for a few days. I’m working over the weekend and on Tuesday, I go into hospital. I won’t be posting for about a week, but when I get out, I have to get on and brew that Black Lager.

I would have liked to have done it today, but my fermenting fridge still has the IPA on the go. The fridge can accommodate two fermenters, but the IPA is at 20deg, whereas the Black Lager needs to ferment at a much lower temperature, so I need the IPA out of the way before I crack on.

All being well, and I return from hospital in the mood, I’m intending to brew on Thursday 17th.

The grain bill for the Schwarzbier will consist of the following malts; Pilsner, Munich, Vienna, Carafa II, Crystal and Chocolate. Original Gravity estimate is 1052.

Hops will be Hallertauer Hersbrucker to about 28 IBU’s and I’ll be fermenting this little baby at 10deg for 17 days and then another month at 7deg, using White Labs yeast WLP830.

Until then, adieus and farewell my friends. Let’s hope the British NHS don’t mess things up and I get back to the mash tun with all my faculties intact.


  1. Us NHS staff will never give such a guarantee!!
    Seriously though, hope your out soon and brewing up a storm.

  2. Good luck and good health to you Mark.

    I just finished off my home brewed keg of schwarzbier not too long ago. I submitted it to a local competition and scored a 29 which I was pretty happy about. Only the second beer I had done that with. Let us know how brew day goes!

  3. Thanks guys. All done, and hope to be brewing soon!