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Sunday, 27 February 2011

'Lead us not into temptation'

I’m a weak man. I guess some would say men generally are. I have morals and standards, but I’m honest enough to admit that sometimes they slip.

It troubles me when they do, and I always vow to start over with more conviction. I know right from wrong and must stop myself from straying from the path.

Just because others around me might be indulging, it doesn’t make it right. It’s wrong. I know it’s wrong, because I have tried it before.

That doesn’t make it any easier though. I still get the urge, and temptation came calling today. Like the weak man I am, I opened the door and embraced it with open arms, because it felt good.

I am unclean. I deserve no respect and should be cast aside, for I have sinned. My hands have caressed the filth that is compost, and sown unto it, seeds of the squash plant. In February.

If you are without seed, some super cheap seeds can currently be found here. But have some decency and sow them at the correct time.

1 comment:

  1. Woah! I haven't even got my chilli seeds started yet - and yes I realise that means I'm running late, right from the start too!

    Fingers crossed for those squash plants