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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Old Punk IPA

'From 1977, I've got a safety-pin stuck through my soul,
A badge pinned to my heart, that says I can't be bought or sold...'

Back in the summer of last year, after a brewery tour with friends, we descended on a curry house to round off the evening. It was only when ensconced in said establishment, did it come to light they didn't have my favourite dish on the menu. I made them aware of their omission before being seated and asked whether it would be too much trouble to rustle one up. Apparently it was.

This didn't sit particularly well with me. As we had requested a table for 10, one might have thought they would have been a little more accommodating. I tried to rally the troops to cause a bit of a stir, but I was shot down and told not to make a fuss. 'your really just an old punk, aren't you?'

Well, this made me think. It was true, that's exactly what I am. So, for that reason, (and with no connection to BrewDog), I give you Old Punk IPA. I've been hanging on to that name since the summer, and the fact that BrewDog have changed their recipe and essentially now have an old, and a new Punk IPA, is purely coincidental. Honest.

So, Saturday will be the brewday, and I'll be brewing an IPA. I'll be using my new kit for the first time this year and, as it's a strong one, I'll be doing half a batch (5 gallons).

Here's a picture of the malts I got together in readiness this evening; mainly pale malt with a handful of crystal, chocolate and flaked maize. I don't know if this grist is traditional, but this is my beer and I'll decide what goes in it.

Instead of using the traditional hops of Fuggles and Goldings, I'm using Progress and WGV.

WGV hops have a more robust flavour than the original Goldings. I'll be using these in the copper and as a dry hop.

Progress hops are similar to a Fuggle, but slightly sweeter, with a softer bitterness. I believe they are a daughter of the WGV, so this combination is a bit incestuous.

As far as blogging goes, I've decided to post on my brews in two parts from heron in. The first post, like this one, will be about the brewday and the recipe. The second post will follow-up the brew, when the beer is ready for tasting.

This particular brew will need time to mature, as I'm aiming for a beer with a gravity around 1067 so you, (and I), will have to wait a while. Let's hope it's worth it.

All together now, 'from 1977...

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