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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Greener Grass

I guess the grass always looks greener.

Several years ago I took the decision to go freelance so I could have more control over my work. Despite this, we still have bills to pay and lives to live, and with more work available in the summer than in the winter, this time of year always gets quite stressful.

Like many, at times I feel overworked and undervalued. Underpaid is a given. But I'm doing a job in an area that I love, so from the outside it's almost as if I'm being paid to do my hobby. Someone once said, if you can find a job you like, you'll never have to do a day's work in your life. I can assure you, it doesn't quite live up to the promise.  And more often than not, I'd rather be brewing. 

But, there are silver linings. The biggest week in the English social calendar is upon us. Royal Ascot - five days of the very best horse flesh, ladies in their finery, and lashings of alcohol. And I have a free pass to all days. I'm essentially paid to be there. 

Like most people, I hate my job vehemently at times. This week isn't one of them. 

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