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Monday, 23 January 2012

Chit. It's That Time Of Year Again...

Although January seems to drag on forever, the prospect of spring is brought that bit closer by the arrival of the first seed potatoes.

The first to arrive were 'Kestrel', which I'm trying in favour of 'Cara' this year. Last season's crop were decimated by wireworm and I've been told that leaving the crop in the ground late into the season increases the chance of wireworm damage. This made the (late) maincrop variety particularly susceptible, so I've switched to a second-early, which should mature up to a month earlier.

I'm not sure if the process of chitting actually benefits the crop, but the seed companies send the potatoes out so early, we have little choice but to store them in egg trays while awaiting the correct time to plant. For these little babies, that'll be around late March, weather permitting.

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