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Monday, 5 March 2012

Marching On

What the hell happened to February?

March is a busy month, looking at my seed list. At some stage during the month I'll be sowing lettuce, celery, parsnips, carrots, squash and planting my first early potatoes.

With that in mind, I managed to nick a morning to go and survey the allotment. The two jobs I had in mind were to ready the tyre stacks which are home to my carrots, and dig up the last lot of parsnips that were still in the ground.

I pulled up carrots for Christmas, but I hadn't cleared out what was left and, despite snow, heavy frosts and the like, there were still a few in good shape.

I usually sow carrots in succession, one bed each month from March onwards. These last few were from the final sowings of last year and while they were not quite as sweet as the summer ones, they still made good eating.

As mentioned in the 'winners & losers' of 2011, we grew far too many parnsips but it was good to have a few of these roasted with some gammon over the weekend.

If I'm honest, I prefered the variety I sowed prior to this one, so I'll swap back next year. I didn't buy any new seed for 2012, though, so it will be 'Javelin' once again this year.

So that's what's been happening on the plot. At home, both the tomato and chilli seeds have germinated and are growing well.

Chillis - Rokita

First of the March sowings will be lettuce and celery. It's quite cold again this week, so I'll probably delay those until next week sometime.


  1. Febuary just flew by and now march is here there is so much to do! i had a few sowings of cabbage and cauliflowers last week and i plan to get my celeriac going this week.
    good luck with it all

  2. I got down to the plot for the first time today, serious digging ensued!
    Must update a defunct blog now!

  3. Spring is so exciting seeing all of the seeds germinating again.

    I currently have parsnip envy! They look great. Never had much luck myself. But hoping that on our new allotment that will change.

    Martin :0)