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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

April Woes

It's not been the best of months with both potatoes and squash giving me cause for concern.

Since planting my spuds, the rain hasn't stopped and rain isn't always a good thing. Especially if you grow on heavy clay.

I experienced similar weather conditions several years ago and I lost the whole potato crop. The ground became completely waterlogged and the tubers rotted and I'm fearful the same will happen again. There's nothing I can do, of course, except wonder how on earth we are meant to be in drought.

The squash on the other hand are nicely cosseted indoors. I sowed these at the beginning of the month, with two seeds to a pot. Both the varieties 'Barbara' and 'Victory' have germinated in full, whereas the 'Honey Bear' have been reluctant to show. Of 18 seeds, only one solitary plant has made an emergence.

I can only assume it's the seed. The two former varieties were fresh seed, whereas the Honey Bear were left over from last year. Thankfully, I do have some new Honey Bear seed, so I've re-sown. Hopefully this new sowing will bear fruit.

On a more positive note, the chillies and the tomatoes are doing well. Even the sweetcorn has started to make  an appearance.

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  1. We've had the same and am also a little concerned for the potato plants. You're chillies and tomatoes are looking great!