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Monday, 21 May 2012

The Green Green Grass Of Home

'If you can't grow weeds, you won't grow anything', that's what one old boy told me when I first got my plot. It turns out I'm pretty good at grass...

Admittedly this is the back of the plot where I dump weeds, burn the rubbish and park my backside for a rest between jobs, but you can see that Mother Nature has been working that bit harder than me.

I reckon I must have done something to annoy the big fella upstairs; first I have germination troubles, then the sweetcorn seedlings die off one by one, then we're blessed with the wettest April on record. And all the time I can't set foot on the waterlogged plot, the weeds and the grass just go on growing...

On a positive note, all the spare Honey Bear Squash seed I sowed at home in new compost have germinated. I treated them no differently to the first sowings, just a different growing medium. The same goes for the sweetcorn. I've sowed new seed and they too, are now thriving. I'll never buy cheap seed compost again.

The weather has now taken a turn for the better too, so I can get on with sorting out the mess, but I'm massively behind with everything. It will take me a week or two to get the beds up the allotment free from weeds, we've lost all prospect of a parsnip crop due to waterlogging and the plants at home are about a month behind where they should be.

I'm not sure what I've done to make the big guy treat me thus. Admittdly I'm weak, easily tempted and have probably over stepped the mark at times, but beneath it all, I'm generally a good soul. If any of you out there have a direct line to the big fella, put a word in for me please. I could do with a change of fortune.


  1. I know what you mean, it gets a bit depressing if you think about it too hard. My peas were loving the wet weather but so are the snails who are now slowly but surely eating them. At home I have completely failed to germinate any of my tomatoes or cucumbers so I'm expecting a few salad free months. At least it's sunny today!

  2. Thanks Amy, the sunny spell has given me time to get things back under control!