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Saturday, 5 May 2012

I'm Beginning To Wilt

Boy, I've had some grief these past couple of weeks. And not just courtesy of the other half.

My sweetcorn have become the latest seedlings to give me concern. After a reasonable germination, one by one, they have slowly keeled over.

This follows on from the poor germination of my Honey Bear squash and tomatoes. Initially the poor germination rate of the tomatoes didn't concern me as I only needed two plants. But then the squash failed to germinate and now the sweetcorn are struggling....

I picked up some cheap seed compost at Lidl and I fancy all is not well. A light fluffy mould appeared on the surface of the compost in which the Honey Bear were planted and it's now a similar story in the sweetcorn pots. I've grown squash and corn for years and always done well, so it's not a simple error such as over watering, so I'm wondering if the problem lies with the growing medium?

I've re-sown the last of my Honey Bears in new compost, so hopefully these will germinate. I'm all out of sweetcorn seed, so I'll have to pick up some more. It's a bit late, but as we've had such lousy weather, I'm hoping any latecomers will be able to catch up when things start to warm up.

I could also do with a bit of sunshine, just to lift the spirits a bit.

1 comment:

  1. it is depressing this weather currently.
    last year my entire sowings failed to germinate due to cheap compost putting me back 4 weeks at least.
    i only just got my potatoes in last week, i'm so behind