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Friday, 24 August 2012

France & Family (part 1)

If you're just interested in vegetables, you might want to skip these next couple of posts.

If you don't mind the ramblings of a forty-something whose mind has been torn up by the stresses of modern day life, frequently verging on the side of insane, then be my guest and read on. It's all true, or at least, how my mind recalls it....

So we went to France for a break. 10 days away from the stresses and strains of the allotment, work and the usual daily routines.

I should start by saying I adore my family. Each and every one of them. But there are times when they drive me up the wall, especially the kids. If you’ve got your own, you might just understand some of what follows. If you haven’t, you might think I’m a cruel heartless son of a gun. On occasions, you’re probably right about that too.

We took the car. Not because I don’t like flying (although that’s true enough) but because we went camping and needed to take a whole lot of gear with us. That’s not to say that boats are entirely safe, of course. Precautions were still required; I opted to wear contacts instead of my glasses for the ferry journey. The latter would surely get displaced if I ended up overboard, and the possibility of not seeing potential rescuers was not an option. Neither was my belt.

I made the conscious decision not to belt my jeans for obvious reasons of weight. I also put my wife in charge of the money, so I’d have no loose change in my pockets, to weigh me down when I hit the water, if the boat went down.

But, whilst adequately primed for the perils of the journey ahead, it soon became apparent I was less prepared for the delights that followed upon our (safe) arrival at the campsite.

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