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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Signs Of Life

Exactly one week since sowing my first seeds of 2013, there are signs of life. Tumbling Tiger Tomatoes and Razzamatazz Chilli seedlings have begun to emerge.

Tumbling Tiger
There's still no show from the other chilli variety, but I'm sure they'll be doing their thing in the next day or so.

As the weather has been much kinder over the last week, or so, I spent another couple of hours down the allotment, just tidying things up in preparation. Next Tuesday I'll be sowing some seeds outdoors; parsnips, carrots and some raddish.

The sharp eyed may have noticed they are all root veg. I had them pencilled in for sowing in early March and it just so happens the current moon phase is ideal for root crops. The moon is currently 'waning' - basically getting smaller, until the new moon on the 12th.

I don't pretend to know an awful lot about moon planting, but for those that are interested, THIS PAGE is quite informative.

One final job was to carefully hoe around the garlic. Bearing in mind some of the garlic bed was under standing water earlier this year, the bulbs appear to have survived pretty well.

'Aussie' Garlic
I appear to have lost just one bulb of 'Aussie' garlic and one of the  'Germidour', which isn't bad going in the circumstances.

Hopefully the weather will continue to be kind to allow next week's seed sowing. I also have some strawberries to go in and I'll post again once they're in.

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