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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

History (continued)

This is how it looked a few months down the line.

Six beds, chipped bark walkways, and even a few things growing. You can thank Lynda for the hand crafted plot number at the front.
As for the veg, I no longer bother with brassicas because of pigeons and the same goes for lettuce. I have finally found a variety of potato the slugs seem to leave alone, and I've found a way of protecting the sweetcorn from mice, so they are both back on the menu. Courgettes, squash, spring onions are all trouble free, so they get grown, along with beans, leeks, gooseberries, tomatoes, parsnips, pickling onions and beetroot. Oh, and hops too.
Personally I'm not so keen on the beetroot, but I've read somewhere that it has aphrodisiac properties so I grow it to keep the wife interested.
Having said all that, the type of vegetable I grow is probably less important than the type of seed I prefer to use. This is BIG TIME important and deserves a seperate post on it's own, but that's for another day.

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