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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Off Topic

I've not been in great form during January and unfortunately I continue to be under the weather. As such, there's been little to post about, and I've been in no shape to spend any length of time on the computer.

After suffering with splitting headaches, then severe dizzy spells, I was diagnosed with Labyrinthitus - a viral infection of the inner ear. Doesn't sound too bad on paper but, when your legs give way from under you during the day and you can also wake from your sleep in the early hours with your stomach churning like it's been on the worst fairground ride, with the walls spinning, it gets quite scary.

Acute cases tend to last between 3-6 weeks and recovery tends to be spontanious. I'm 3 weeks in, so am hoping for a miracle sometime soon! The worst part is that recovery is not gradual, so you never feel like your actually getting better. In appearance I don't look ill either, so sympathy is a bit thin on the ground.

Some days are better than others though, depending on what your doing. Head movement is a real bummer, so keeping still is the answer, providing your not focusing on any one thing for too long. Sleep is hard to come by as anxiety creeps in, it's as if you know the walls will start spinning as soon as you lie down.

The constant dizziness and nausa surpress the appetite, so, along with no alcohol, the weight is falling off me too.

Thankfully, today is one of the better days, hence the post. Not sure when I'll be back, hopefully sometime soon  :)



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