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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


No, the Labyrinthitis hasn’t got the better of me. It’s just the name of the beer I put together on the first anniversary of my father’s death.

As far as drinking goes, I tend to stick with regular bitters and summer ales. I’ve never really got on with stronger/darker/hoppier bitters, so I thought, why don’t I have a crack and brew something outside of my usual comfort zone? R.I.P. was the result.

I’ve brewed it a few times over the last three years, tweaking it as I go. In October 2009, when the latest incarnation went into the keg, I enjoyed it so much I immediately brewed it again (albeit with a different yeast), just to make sure I had some in for Christmas.

I tend to bottle about four pints and keg the rest – the bottles let me know how it’s looking/conditioning, always saving one for the North Hampshire Brewers.

Well, last night the beer was well received at the meeting, especially the one with the US-05 yeast (which incidentally was also my favourite out of the keg over Christmas).

My efficiency isn’t great, but here is the recipe I created for my 5 gallon set-up.

6600g Pale Malt
300g Crystal Malt
150g Wheat Malt
40g Chocolate Malt
30g Roasted Barley

75min mash @ 66deg
90min boil

55g Challenger (7.1%) 90min
55g EKG (4%) 90 min
20g Cascade (5.4%) 15 min
10g Cascade (5.4%) 1 min

According to Beersmith, target gravity was 1059 and IBU’s at 53.
I ended up with 21L at 1057
If you think I've missed anything out, just ask, and if you do have a crack at this yourself, enjoy!

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