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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tough Buggers

Two posts in as many days. I must be on the mend.

Yesterday I sowed the first seed of 2010. Tomatoes. I don't fanny about with a greenhouse - if something doesn't grow outside, I don't bother with it.

Trouble is, tomatoes can be a bit tricky. At home you might find a warm, sheltered spot for them. Not up the allotment though. Plot 66 is very exposed.

Because of this you need a tough bugger and I've opted for two varieties this year - 'Urbikany' is a Russian tomato. I'm working on the basis that if the plant can grow oudoors in Russia, it wont feel too homesick dealing with the Swindon weather.

Similarly 'Latah' was developed in Latah County at the University of Idaho, United States. They also have a short growing season (just over 4 months of the year in Northern Idaho) and have unpredictable springs (i.e. frost and snow). Plot 66 will be home from home then.

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