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Friday, 19 March 2010


I sowed my tomatoes back on the 24th February. Two bush varieties for the allotment, plus a red and a yellow tumbler type for the hanging baskets at home.

The first to germinate was the Russian bush type, Urbikany. The seedlings look really healty and strong, so today I'll prick them out into nice pig pots today, where they will stay until they go in the ground up the allotment.

(give it a click)

Very little beats a home grown tomato and they seem to capture the imagination of children too. My three-year-old was always first to the plants last season, eager to pluck the ripe fruits, amazed that such a tiny seed was able to produce so much...

The other varieties, although sown at the same time, appear to be about a week behind in terms of vigour and size, so I'll be pricking them out later.


  1. They're looking good. Mine are all pricked out and now in the greenhouse.

  2. They do look good and strong. I have some "slackers" on my windowsill too but I am sure they will catch up eventually.