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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Hopi Ear Candling

I had the ear candling done yesterday. It wasn't as 'relaxing' as I thought it might be. They have to push the candles in quite firmly to form a seal, so all the warmth and vapor doesn't escape and goes into the ear canal. After it's done they do a face massage of all the sinus points - that was all quite sore and uncomfortable too. I'd like to stress, that's not me in the picture.

I didn't notice anything immediately - she said it might be 48hrs and that I'd probably feel worse the next morning, but any congestion should clear up by the end of the day. Well, I had a rough night - there was definitely something going on in my ears, lots of movement and 'popping', so it disrupted my sleep. I guess that means it's working?

I was a little dizzy this morning (first thing) but that's usual and now I'm feeling pretty good. The therapist  reckons I'll probably need 2 or 3 treatments (smells like money to me), but I guess she's probably right. She said to see how I feel after 48hrs and then make another appointment for a fortnight or 3 weeks time if I wanted to continue...

I was meant to be working on a Newton Abbot racecard today but they've abandoned their Saturday fixture already, due to waterlogging. That means I'll be 150 quid short this week. Not good when I've got to buy candles to shove in every orifice!

Hey ho, I'll get on and make a moussaka for tonight's tea then. Be interesting to see what my four-year-old makes of aubergine.


  1. Oh! i was going to give that a go myself but I don't think I will now.
    Love the bit " I'd like to stress, that's not me in the picture." made me giggle.

  2. I don't know if I like the sound of that. It might be worth it though, if it works.

  3. I've often wondered about the hopi treatment and your experience of it, has certainly put me off. Also I thought it was a one off, obviously not.

  4. It wasn't that bad guys, just not very relaxing. My candles burnt very slow, which the therapist reckoned was an indication that my airways were very congested. I'll have a second treatment in a couple of weeks to see if things have improved.

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