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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

New Brewery

It's arrived!

Trouble is, I can't use it just yet, as I'm waiting for the electrics to be sorted out. I guess I could have got that sorted while I was awaiting delivery but, to be honest, I wasn't sure if the unit was going to fit where I had planned for it to go. As it happens, there's just enough clearance from the garage door (you can just see it in the top of the photo), so it would have been fine.

It looks pretty good on that awful floor. I'm itching to get some water in there so I can start playing with the pump so I can get used to all the valves and stuff. At the moment I'm thinking the plastic bucket routine I'm familiar with is far simpler, but I guess it will be fine once I've got used to it.

I'm not expecting to make better beer, but it will save me taking over the kitchen for seven hours and also save my back from lots of lifting. I'm also hoping my efficiency will improve slightly as it was pretty poor using the grain bag and plastic bucket method.

As promised, in return for her consideration, I'm going to have to buy the wife a new bag. Now, do I do that before the electrics are done, or make her wait until I'm up and running?


  1. Looks pretty impressive!

  2. That looks great Mark. Is it going to be up and running before your holiday?

  3. The electrics should be done before we go, but I doubt I'll have time to brew. The wait is agonising...

  4. Smart piece of kit, best of luck for the first brew!