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Monday, 20 September 2010

14 Days Notice

"Having recently inspected your allotment site, it appears your plot is not being cultivated to the required standard'. So say the Council anyway.

Have they got the wrong plot? Mine is divided into six equal size beds, currently containing;

Bed 1: Maincrop Potatoes & Sweetcorn
Bed 2: Leeks & Onions
Bed 3: Parsnips & Beetroot (admittedly the beet are finished).
Bed 4: Tomatoes & Hops (again the toms are finished and do need dealing with).
Bed 5: Winter Squash
Bed 6: Gooseberries & other soft fruit.

The very back of the plot is a little overgrown, near the pond. I leave it like this to encourage natural wildlife. We have grass snakes living around there, and being a protected species, I wouldn't be allowed to disturb their natural habitat anyway.

The paths between the beds did get a bit weedy whilst I was away on holiday (as per a previous post) and I have cleared half the plot's paths since returning. Is this really not to an acceptable standard?

I will endeavour to speek to the Parks Officer to see what planet she is on.

Incidently, my neighbouring plot (67) has been overgrown for ages. No sign of them for over two years and no sign of a new tenant. They grew stuff in 2008 (I last saw them in about July of that year). They did nothing for the remainder of 2008, nothing at all in 2009 and nothing again in 2010. I still have spinnach sprouting up all over the place where their's went to seed, not to mention the weeds from all the seedheads which are carried by the prevailing winds on to mine.

Right now I'm seething. I have 14 days to bring mine up to an "appropriate standard". Appropriate standard my arse. I'm reaching for the phone as I write....


  1. Gah horrible feeling isn't it! I'm sure it will be a simple mistake, I was 'evicted' from my plot the other year only when I arranged to meet the councillor on my plot to find out why we discovered that the parish records had me on a totally different site.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you

  2. Forgot to mention, if they are serious it might be worth mentioning your ears as the reason for any weeds...

  3. Thanks Amy. I've calmed down a bit now. The phone to the council has been permanently engaged, so I'll send them a letter. What gets me is the plot next to me has been overgrown for two and a half years - no sign of eviction or new tenant. Yet mine gets a little untidy for a couple of weeks and they're straight on my back. Grrrrrr

  4. This has to be an almighty cock-up! I bet they meant for the eviction notice to go to your neighbour's plot and someone got the plot numbers muddled. Can you not go in? I'd be straight off down the council to bang on their sliding partition window!

    Hope you get it sorted Mark!