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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Aroma Of Sweet Success...

has left me.

My hops, lovingly cared for on the allotment since February, and picked just recently, have had to be thrown. Nothing more than fodder for the compost bin.

My attempt at drying such a quantity failed. I had them in net bags, stored in the loft where I expected the warmth to penetrate and dry them. Unfortunately, the hops in the centre of the bags didn't dry quickly enough and they started to smell damp and musty. Not in my beer thank you.

While it's a damn shame to chuck a decent harvest, it would have been worse if I failed to learn anything from it. So, Ive decided to rig up an old duvet cover in the loft, with the idea of spreading the hops in a single layer, so they dry much easier.

I still have some First Gold hops to harvest, so I'll see how they get on with this new set-up.

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