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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Brewday 17/11/10

Wednesday will see me fire up the brewery again.

To be honest I feel a little shi##y at the moment. Man flu. The last thing I feel like is standing out in the cold, brewing ten gallons of beer on kit that just causes me grief. It's a dirty job, as someone once said, and someone has to do it. I'm also short on beer, so I guess that man has to be me, flu or no flu.

If I can actually get up and brew, without falling over, I guess it's not actually flu. But my throat is raw, by nose is blocked and the central heating in the house makes me feel awful. Perhaps the garage tomorrow will help sort me out.

The brew? A simple ale. 95% pale malt and 5% crystal. Bittering hops are Target and I'll chuck in a few Styrians near the death, for aroma. Should be a copper coloured ale, hoping for about 1055 gravity, so about a 5.5% beer, once all is said and done.

If you have voyeuristic tendencies, the action will stream live to your PC HERE

Be warned, though, a seven hour brewcam can be a little tedious. I'll be mashing in about 07.00hrs GMT if all goes to plan. I'm not sure what the lighting will be like in the garage at that time of day, so I'll apologise in adavance if things are a little dark.

I hope I'm well enough to make a good fist of it. And I hope my gear will finally give me my first stress-free brewday. Maybe I'll settle for one of the two.

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