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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Brewday follow-up and Post

Following on from the last post, I indeed had to settle for one of the two. Well enough to brew, but it wasn't stress free.

I had grain getting under the false bottom again and ended up having to filter the wort through a fine straining bag as it went into the copper, to hold back as many particles as possible.

The rest of the day went well enough, gravity was just about spot on at 1054, and by using the straining bag, the clean up of the gear wasn't too bad afterwards, either. I split the wort between two five gallon fermenters, pitched the yeast and the beer is now in the fermenting fridge at 21deg.

As a result of the continuing problems with the false bottom, I got on to the manufacturer who has agreed to replace the mash tun with a flat bottomed vessel, rather than the conical I currently have. it should be ready in two weeks, so hopefully I'll have it installed and ready for the next brewday.

Wednesday's aggro didn't stop there. The Royal Mail attempted to deliver a parcel. I know this as I saw the van drive off. Quite why he couldn't see me, I'm at a loss to fathom.

I phoned to complain and was told 'it's not the drivers responsibility to come and find me'.

Indeed, but surely a bit of common sense wouldn't be too much to ask? No answer at the door - but look, the gates are open and there's a lot of noise coming from that direction. Do you think it would be out of the way for the driver to muster the energy and take four paces from the front door just to check I wasn't standing on the driveway?

Jeez, this country drives me crazy.

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