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Friday, 10 December 2010

House Bitter 10/12/10

I'll update this post as the brewday unfolds.

0900: I've overdone the hot liquor by 10 degrees. Serves me right for going on the school run and getting distracted in conversation with the yummy mums. I'll be mashing in by about 9.30 hopefully.

09.40: Mashed in, pH strip looks good at 5.2 and temperature at 66C. Mashing for 75mins.

11.35: Start the sparge. Unbelievably the run-off came clear after a short time recirculating. Success at last! Unfortunately the wireless network isn't very strong in the garage, so apologies to those trying to view the webcam, as it keeps freezing.

12.55: Boil starting to roll. Bittering hops and some DLS added.

14.00: Late hops added.

14.05: Whirlfloc added.

14.15: Boil finished. I'll leave it for 40mins or so, to settle and for the temperature to drop so I can run it via the pump to the chiller. I think the pump is good for 85deg.

17.15: Finished clearing up. I'll have to look at my figures as it looks like the new kit was more efficient than I thought. It was meant to be 10 gallons at 1043, ended up at 1047, but just shy on volume, about 9.5 gallons.

It wasn't going to be overly hoppy beer to start with, so it's going to be less so now. The more I use the gear, the more I'll get used to it, so hopefully I can adjust things for the next brew. Anyhow, I split it into two 5 gallon fermenters and pitched one with Nottingham and one with Muntons yeast. Both in the fridge now fermenting at 20deg.


  1. It is on? I've got the garage door closed whilst mashing, so the light's not good,but the cam should be on. I'm just catching up with some work indoors and will open the garage door again once the mash is done, just before 11.00 :)