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Thursday, 9 December 2010

All Systems Go

Brewday bang on schedule for Friday.

Temperatures have risen above freezing today, the outside water supply is not frozen and although we're not expected to get down below freezing tonight, I'll bring the hosepipe indoors just to make sure.

The mash tun is now in full working order. Mark at Elite Stainless Fabrications came over this morning to sort out the pipework issue. I think he probably thought (and not wide of the mark with my usual DIY prowess) that it would be something simple, and the problem was just me being a muppet.

Not this time. He struggled for an hour, then decided to take the whole unit back to the workshop. As he knew I was planning to brew tomorrow morning, he got straight on it and delivered it back within an hour or so.

The pipework no longer weeps and the tun is back on the frame where it should be, so my earlier concerns over the asthetics proved unfounded. Thanks Mark.

Tomorrow I plan to turn the page. The first brew on the kit how it was originally designed. It's going to be a belter.


  1. Hooray!! Hope it all goes according to plan.

  2. Yes, let's hope so. I feel bad about continually returning to Mr Elite with problems. Just one nice brewday will ease all the pain.