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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hopes and Hops for the New Year

January should be a depressing month, and usually it doesn't disappoint.

The excitement and indulgences of Christmas have long since faded, the credit card bills drop on the mat, people drop like flies with a dose of the flu - combine that with the dark mornings and miserable weather and it's easy to see why misery peaks during this month.

Not on my turf, though. Not in 2011. I'm feeling good.

It must be the medication. I was on on Venlafaxine for most of last year. It took the edge off things and calmed me down. Now the stress and anxiety have gone, I'm ready to return. I spent the previous two months on the very lowest dose, and I've now been medication-free for nearly two weeks.

I had a few dizzy days as the last of the drugs worked out of my system, but now I'm feeling REALLY good, razor sharp, back to my old self. It's like all the softened edges have gone and the world's back in focus. And it better watch out, 'cos I'm ready to kick ass.

Oh, and I finished the second hop frame.


  1. i've only looked at my plot this year so far, yet to trudge the mud!!

  2. Glad to hear that you are finally feeling like your old self. Looking forward to seeing those hop frames get covered in hops!

  3. @arn - I guess there's not as great deal we can do while the ground is so wet and heavy. I really wanted to get these frames done though, so I stuck to the paths and didn't get too bogged down.

    @Amy - Thank you. So am I!