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Friday, 6 May 2011

Beer Festivals

Beer Festivals, don’t you just love them?

It’s like the best pub in the world has been moved onto your doorstep and all they serve is proper beer. Plus or minus the odd cider I guess.

I’m fortunate enough to live within a short distance of two. The main Swindon festival comes around at the beginning of November, but there’s a small offering even closer to me in a couple of week’s time.

(down the lane...)

(wild hops)

A four minute walk soon sees the houses left behind and you’re upon a country lane, flanked by fields, with wild hops scrambling through the hedgerows. A bit further on, and a bridge will see you across a small river. And then, you’re there. 

(across the river...)

The Swindon and Cricklade Railway is one of those restored Heritage lines and operates on a short stretch of line between Swindon and Cricklade, but I guess the sharp soles among you may have guessed that already.

Nestled on a small expanse of grass beside a pond will be a marquee housing fifteen local(ish) real ales. Yes, it’s a small affair, but how many festivals can you attend and say you’ve drunk the lot?

You can look around the old locomotives, sit in the sun and drink beer. The missus and the little’uns can escape for a few hours on the steam trains and later in the day music will be provided (it used to be good ol’ rock and blues, but it looks like Jazz this time around). And for the carnivorous among you, there’s a BBQ serving dog dogs and burgers.

The perfect day awaits. The Swindon and Cricklade Railway Beer Festival. Saturday May 28th – Monday May 30th.

(no marquee yet, but there will be ...)


  1. Sounds perfect!

    We're visiting the Cotswold beer fest up at Postlip this year (as we do every year lol) and will probably go to the 2nd year of the Gloucester one too as it was fun last year. The Postlip one is great, we camp the night with a bunch of friends, light a fire and spend the rest of the night after the fest has closed relaxing beside it... Lovely! :)

  2. Cheers Paul. The Postlip do sounds great!