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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Brew Meeting - April

My work hours rarely fit in with the norm, if there is such a thing. At Easter, I had to work Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. No pottering on the plot for me. At least the Saturday was free, so I squeezed in another brew. I'll try and get up the plot tomorrow, as I have a suspicion the weeds might be taking over.

Last Tuesday I met up with my fellow brewers at the regular North Hampshire Brewers meet. I took along a few beers and all were reasonably well received.

Against my better judgement I took my Citra pale ale along, although it lacked a bit of condition and could have done with a bit longer in the bottle. I also took another pale ale from way back, one I hadn't even blogged about, along with a Winter Royal and another bottle of Simonds. All were nice clean beers, but personally, I was a bit disappointed with the Citra. From the fermenting vessel tastings were great, but since being bottled, it's lost some of its zing. It was commented on that when the yeast clears down in the bottle, it takes some of the hop flavour with it. Maybe I'll use a few more late hops next time.

With a thick head the following morning, I then headed off to Ascot racecourse. I didn't feel much like socialising after all the beer we sampled on Tuesday night, but once there, good weather and a few more beers put me right. I had hoped to get a few bottles of a new beer by Fullers, brewed to celebrate 300 years of racing at Ascot. Although I found the Fullers bar early enough, they had already sold out :(

I don't think I have too much work on tomorrow, so I'll be up the plot while the other half watches the wedding. Maybe I'll take little'un with me, to keep him out of her hair for a while. I need to get the squash bed sorted as the plants are ready to take-off in their pots at home. 

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  1. I'm guessing 'fixing' things you want to chnge about your beerss is half the fun isn't it? A bit more change to play wth things than when working from kits anyway... Hope you have fun at the plot today! :)