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Tuesday, 7 June 2011


So last Wednesday I fired up the brewery once more, to have a crack at a regular recipe of mine, with a few modifications.

If you've read this post, you'll be aware I was substituting carahell for the usual crystal malt. The carahell was a lot lighter in colour than the crystal I'd been using previously, so rather than my usual 95/5 split between the pale malt and crystal, for this recipe I upped the carahell to 10%.

The beer still came out lighter than I had envisaged, so I might add a handful of darker malt to aid with the colour, if I stick with carahell next time.

I'm interested to see what the carahell has done in terms of flavour, and hopefully it wont be too long before we find out as the gravity came in a bit lower than anticipated. I was playing with my mill and used a coarser crush on the malt - I clearly didn't extract quite as much sugar, so I'll try somewhere between the old setting and the new next time.

As for the brewday, everything went smoothly and I even pieced together a video of proceedings. Seven hours condensed into three minutes...


  1. See, now I want a setup like that even more than I did a few minutes ago! ;)

  2. Well done Mark a great video...

  3. Thanks guys, I'm eternally grateful to the wife for agreeing to let me spend a bit more than might be healthy on shiny brew gear :)

  4. "I was playing with my mill." I've never heard of it being called that before! Anyway, as I am 1 of your unofficial (European wing) beer testers all I can say is keep brewing - and don't forget me in August...

  5. By eck Keith, you should see all the ale stacking up in me garage. There'll be plenty left when we hit 'road in summer. Just need to make sure there's room in bloody car...

  6. Nice brew system, I'm jealous. Thanks for the video.