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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Off The Wagon

I've given up. Let's be perfectly honest. I was pants.

The only day I've manged to steer clear of the booze was Tuesday. And, to be fair, I did feel quite sharp the following morning. Enough for me to think about repeating the feat, as I've got a lot of work on tomorrow, but there's one problem. The other half is going out this evening, so I'm home alone, babysitting.

Now, if that's not an invite to crack open a few beers while watching a music DVD of some obscure band the squeeze doesn't like, I don't know what is.

I've also picked up a couple of bottles this week I've been itching to try. Although I failed badly with my alcohol intake, I did restrict it to homebrew only. Drinking commercial beer would have been taking the p!ss right? So, I'm going to have them tonight.

First up Chesil, billed as a traditional pilsner from the Dorest Brewing Company.

Followed by Old Slug Porter, a bottle condiitoned beer from the RCH Brewery in Weston-Super-Mare. Or just plain Weston if you're from the West Country.

I'm bound to come in for some stick for this one, as It's a dark beer and I don't usually gravitate towards the dark side, but I have a feeling this isn't a traditional porter of old. I may be mistaken, but we'll see.

I don't usually do beer reviews but I might come back and write a few words on these, depending on how I feel once I've got them down my neck. Now pass me the bottle opener.

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  1. Old Slug isn't a bad beer at all. Not tried the other one tho.