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Monday, 11 July 2011

On The Wagon - Day 3

Two posts back I remember saying I rarely finish last in things I try hard at. Perhaps I'm not trying hard enough, because the beer has taken the upper hand in this 'on the wagon' lark.

Day one was Friday and I succumbed to one pint of (weak) homebrew. I managed no better on Saturday and as for Sunday; it was hell. An eleven hour stint, crunching numbers at the keyboard, while getting my copy prepared for the newspaper. And all around me, as I endeavored to do my best, the family pushed the boundaries to the limit.

I know it's their weekend, but it's my work day. Where's the respect?

Needless to say I hit the hombrew hard, once work was done. The upside was that I slept well. But that's three days and I'm yet to have an alcohol free day.

I know it's rubbish. But today is Monday and I won't be touching a drop. Promise :)


  1. You seem to have a similar amount of willpower when it comes to beer as I do. i.e. very little!

    Didnt have a beer yesterday but a glass of something decent most nights is an all too tempting prospect

  2. ah well never mind, there's always tomorrow!

  3. Hope it's going better this week! We're been on holiday for a week and now off work at home for a week, and I've had a drink every day so far which is unusual for me, tend to only drink Friday-Sunday and I'm now getting to the point where I'm thinking the one good thing about going back to work will be getting back to a normal diet! ;)