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Friday, 13 September 2013

Jacket Potato - The final result of 2013

Just a quick post to update on my quest for the perfect jacket potato.

Sadly, none of this year's harvest can be considered a winner. The 'Bonnie' I mentioned in the previous post had the best size about them, despite being a second-early. But, wireworm damage meant their use as bakers was limited.

Of the maincrop, the Red King Edward fared best. The Pentland's I grew all succumbed to damage too, whereas the red KE were unharmed. Not a single tuber was lost to slugs or wireworm.

Red King Edward

The downside is that they were not big enough to be considered for jacket spuds. But, they were a nice medium size and the quality of the potato was great. We've used them for wedges, which were excellent, and I'm sure they will perform equally well for roasties too.

So, the quest will continue into 2014. Cara currently set the benchmark and I'll probably do a row of these next year, to which all others will be compared.

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