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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Foreign Seeds for 2014

It's rather sad of me I know, but when I'm away on vacation with the family I always make time to peruse the seeds on offer in the French shops, to bring back something different for the following growing year.

To be honest, most of the varieties are the same as the big seed companies offer over here, but it's still nice to grab a few. The wife gets expensive perfume, shoes and bags - I get seeds.

Last summer I purchased these;

Even my basic French can see that the carrots are a Nantes 2 variety.

The beetroot is a Detroit 3 'Elna'. I've seen plenty of Detroit 2's in the seed catalogues over here, but couldn't find much info on the '3', but I'm guessing they will be much the same and there's a bit more information on the 'Detroits' HERE.

Now the courgette's I had trouble identifying. The direct translation of their description reads 'rustic and hasty' and 'green non-runner of market gardens'.So it's probably safe to presume they are on old variety that are quick to fruit and that don't have a trailing habit. Maybe 'All Green Bush'?

So that's the foreign purchased seed. The full seed list for 2014 will follow in the next post.

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