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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Winners & Losers (2013)

Just before I sit down and prepare my seed list for 2014, here's my annual list of how things got on last year. I think most growers will agree, it was a much better growing year than in 2012. 

Winning Veg: Sweetcorn. The fact that sweetcorn was in the 'last chance saloon' category prior to the 2013 growing season, but performed so well, it simply had to win. The plants were slow to establish but flourished during the decent summer months and produced lovely full cobs. And as for the badger, it caused no damage this time around. 

Winning Fruit: Gooseberries. Again, this was another that failed to produce like it should in 2012, but last year's bushes were heaving with fruit. Crumbles and jam making were very much the order of the day. 

Best Newcomer: Sweetmax (Butternut Squash). All the squash did well thanks to the long summer days, but the sweetmax proved exceptional in terms of taste. 

Last Chance Saloon: Tomatoes. I have done well with tomatoes in the past, but generally they tend to ripen while we are away on holiday and most have gone over by the time we return. As such, we don't get a decent payback for the effort we put in and last year's variety were next to useless. I'm trying a different variety this year and will grow them at home in growbags, to keep a closer eye on them.

Most over-grown: Kale. A vegetable I think we should be eating more of and what's more, it's dead easy to grow. But, quite frankly, neither I or the family really like it, so there's always loads left on the plot. I'm not sure why I bother with it and it won't have a place in 2014.

Sadly Missed: Cabbage. I like a pointy cabbage, but haven't grown them for years. I'll grow them in place of the kale this year. 

Sweetcorn; 2013 winner

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