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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Brewday 09/12/10

I've pencilled it in my diary. The first brew with the new flat-bottomed mash tun will be on Wednesday. THURSDAY

The temperature here looks like it will be just above freezing, so I'm hopeful that the outside water supply will be available.

The brew? My regular house bitter. Although, in recent months, it's not been that regular to be honest. Due to a bit of illness, the schedule for the North Hants Brewers , plus the fact I've been brewing some higher gravity stuff for Winter, it's been largely forgotten.

95% pale malt, the balance made up of crystal and bittered with Progress and WGV, with some Styrians in at switch off. Gravity about 1043. The sort of beer I switch to when I just want to fat neck a few, rather than sipping on something strong and dark.

The voyeurs among you can tune in again via the brewcam. I'll be mashing in, hopefully, around 09.00/09.30 hrs GMT.

The first brew on my new gear without a headache from the mash? Let's hope so.

EDIT: Due to the likelihood of freezing temperatures on Wednesday, I've put the brewday back until Thursday, when there shouldn't be so much doubt about the outside water supply being frozen. The extra few degress will also be a big help to the brewing process.


  1. Good look with that. One day I hope to get some fancy kit like yours and hopefully I won't have as many problems with it. I myself will be doing a best bitter on tuesday. Similar grist but with a bit of chocolate malt and all Bramling Cross hops.

  2. Thanks Rob, I hope your brew went okay on tuesday. I've curtailed mine until Friday now.